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Eventcare is hiring

Eventcare is looking for enthousiastic crew members that want to build the coolest festivals and most beautiful events! We’re currently looking for decorbuilders, standbuilders and site-crew.
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Eventcare – We create, we plan, we build.

Whether to inform, impress or simply to entertain, not a single event is quite like the other.

Building upon years of worldwide experience in events in different forms and styles, Eventcare is able to tailor the idea or concept into a concrete product that resonates with your identity and vision.

Our philosophy is that events consist of three phases:

The Sketch

The first phase – the sketch – is the phase in which the concept is developed from an idea or dream. The outlines are made, the common theme is set out and the financial viability is mapped.

The Plan

The second phase – the plan – is the phase in which the concept and creative ideas are transformed into technically feasible plans. The permit process is started, the floor plans and technical drawings are made, the materials are ordered and the runbooks are prepared.

The Team

The third phase – the team on the spot – is the last link required to finish the project, the people responsible for the physical performance. From technical crew to stagedesigners and from technical producers to riggers: every person counts and plays a vital role in the team in order to reach the finish line.

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