crew productions concepts
crew productions concepts

The Plan

“Creativity is more convincing with a solid plan”

From plan to product: Eventcare Productions transforms the project into an experience; be it a festival, conference, art installation, exhibition or something entirely different!

  • Permit processes
  • Event budgeting & financial administration
  • Technical production
  • Styling and decoration production
  • Facility and site production
  • (3D) Autocad drawing
  • Event logistics
  • Project management
  • Planning & human resources
  • Speaker & artist productions
  • Levenslicht by Studio Roosegaarde
    Levenslicht by Studio Roosegaarde
  • The Amsterdam Coffee Festival
    The Amsterdam Coffee Festival
  • Vunzige Deuntjes Festival
    Vunzige Deuntjes Festival
  • Waterlicht by Studio Roosegaarde
    Waterlicht by Studio Roosegaarde
  • The Selfmade Summit by #workmode
    The Selfmade Summit by #workmode
  • Green Garden Festival, The Hague
    Green Garden Festival, The Hague